Sinking deep

I am sinking I may have lost my way
My tears have turned into a lake
I am just holding my own breath
I own a mind that tricks and plays
Wondering if when will the race end
I truly have nobody but myself
since people i love are oceans away
I have seen a lot of change
like the seasons, weather, and days
I have also seen things the same
like the red will stay red
Looking at it might seem nonsense
However there’s something in a way
that i could totally relate
My eyes are beginning to water again
lost in my existence I would say
If my love ones are present
they would just snatch me away
and they’ll make sure I’m safe
I might be just over my head
I find it difficult to explain
But I can only express myself
I said I’d make my life better I swear
But here I am all over again
I am sinking deep, I only blame myself
I have chosen my life to go this way
I thought I have found an escape
turned out to be a way for me to hell
I need somebody with saving grace
favour my life with indulgence
For I am sinking deep, I only blame myself

~ M. Salonga

Published by

Marianne Salonga

#Minimalist #JesusIsMySaviour #Learning #AlwaysHopeful -- I have a vlog :)

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