Little Gestures of Love

I was always afraid to hear the end times
I am not proud of what I have carried out
but knowing i have salvation from Christ
I am going to be alright because He’s love

The good news is He is patient and kind
a knock of comfort in my heart arrived
comfort said “love, you still have a chance”
I am going to be alright because He’s love

I have given a friend a hug right now
I called my mom to hear my voice say “hi”
I gave someone food without being asked
I visited prisoners to preach Christ

I packed extra food to share with someone
I hugged her instead of waving goodbye
I secretly prayed strength for his trials
I gave water to a weary homeless man

At the end of the day it will all clump up
Time is wealth but there’s no need to rush
realise now gestures don’t have to be grand
Little gestures of love is always significant

~ M. Salonga

Three Voices

three voices live inside me

the lies of the devil
and the truth of my King
and my soul’s longing

my thoughts are blurry
so I end up singing
lead me to your will

O my soul keep seeking
my heart mocks me
so I fear and worry

I fall down to my knees
shed a river of tears
O truth fill my spirit

my thoughts are blurry
I will keep on singing
lead me to your will

O my soul keep seeking
I see the day of my victory
I will soon find my King

My King will reign in me
I will keep believing in Him
I am not alone in this

~ M. Salonga

Making social distance count

Marianne’s Journal Entry #2

Hey yo, How are you and you and you?

AUSTRALIA — In the midst of the current covid-19, pandemic paranoia, rants, terror, and fear mongering. I’d like to share the positive side of social distance. It’s having communion with Jesus.

I can’t help but see this as an opportunity to have that time to unwind, connect, to the source of love, godliness, righteousness, peace, and hope. It’s time to read His word, to pray for everyone and for oneself, to listen to Him.

I start mine by having that coffee and beautiful breakfast. then I will prepare my study table bring out my notebook and pen and then my bible. I will read 2 chapters from the old testament and then 2 chapters in the new testament. Afterwards, I will reflect and treasure His words in my heart.

I can sing praises and worship to him. I can read self-development blogs or books. I can blog right now. Dedicate all my energy for Jesus.

You see, I love distance and even with or without any virus. I would still have times of my own space and social distancing because I like that alone time in Jesus, it’s intimate. It helps me physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Lastly, God’s love is somehow distant. He is in heaven and we are here on earth but His love is the greatest, He died and rose again just to be able to save us from sin and He wants us to be there with Him by having to give His kingdom in and for us. It is a living hope. A hope that doesn’t disappoint.

P. S The picture is my view as I was having my quiet time with Jesus. I was just appreciating it and remembering this beautiful moment.

Write My Cries

I cried one at night

I cried waking up

Praying loud to God

To help me stand up

or just end my life

All i see is black

For there is no love

I could think of mom

my last straw to life

but were miles apart

Alone in the dark

with my thoughts & mind

so i write it up

my way to survive

I am a Christian

might be in the light

but my sight is blind

or mind filled with clouds

Keep moving forward

says my little heart

Just please write it up

a way to survive

says my little heart

~ Marianne Salonga