I have been tossed by the waves of emotions to and fro
I was lost in the sea of confusions and the unknown
In the life of fear, I have made horrible decisions
The tears that was shed, grieved for the sake of my own soul

Hear my mourning for I need a champion out of Sodom
Blinded by my own depression hoping for tomorrow
I offer this empty life for im nothing and alone
Going back to the source of salvation and redemption

In my anguish and cries, the heavens responded a roar
the champion of heavens rescued me out in the lowest point
From resuscitation to redemption, one, two, three, four
A new heart started beating, A new heart has been bestowed

As I get up on my feet, I did blow the loudest horn
I could see it coming down, my own walls of Jericho
All I could see, unending opportunities and hope
To my champion, I will remain and strongly anchored

For my champion listened and responded with action
For he loved me in my darkest and lowest and gave his all
For he swam down the confusions and showed his favour
To my champion, I will remain and strongly anchored


~ M. Salonga