Loving someone broken

We fall in love with vulnerability
Not aware that it can painfully kill
We see the good but afraid to see it all
so when we jump we lost it all

Loving someone broken is truly a challenge
for we never know what might happen
ending up both confused and depressed
Not knowing leads to both wreckage

Many issues are tackled and confronted
Solving problems by flowers
Many issues came back over and over again
Discovering flowers aren’t the answer

A shattered glass wounds the fixer
accidentally cutting himself
Loving someone broken
Loving by carrying the burdens

We all fall in love with vulnerability
Not aware it can painfully kill
We know how this story ends
both lead to their death

~M. Salonga

I Need You Still

On the run feeling numb

For I am losing the sun

Slowly losing my breath

Just trying to do my best

My eyes filled with tears

Self-pity and overthinking

All these demons in my head

Here I am, frightened

Know that I need you still

I try to keep myself still

I hope you remember

the love we spent and dreamt

We used to live for tomorrow

Chasing after our own rainbow

Now we’re just strangers

In a place called nowhere

You have always seen me

You have always loved me

Know that I need you still

I try to keep myself still

Monsters are now my companion

No ones going to catch when I fall

I only see a beautiful dead end

If I live, the only fool is myself

For every memory crushes me

I can only hear broken symphonies

My beating heart hurts like hell

I’m just pining for death, my friend

~ M. Salonga

Beautiful Dream

I just want to fast track everything
where everything is a beautiful dream
I want to see myself flying free
and stop myself from asking and thinking
when will misery stop chasing me?
what if I start singing, dancing, or painting?
would my life be better off with these
I would love to end the following years
that does not look good for me
fast tracking everything where hardships
would probably not be haunting me
Too bad I can only see it by imagining it
I guess I could be more positive and believe
I could probably foresee the possibilities
The problem is wanting it immediately
Welcome to the frustrations of being me
so much to expect and believe
To die is gain indeed but so is living free
Here I am again, contemplating and reflecting
but thats just how it is, so I say so be it
Just let life to keep on shaping me & moulding me
into something precious like the amethyst
I just simply want to reach and achieve
that desire I have in me: beautiful dream

~ M. Salonga