Deep within the pain, I rejoice

My soul is a parched land
waiting for rain to pour down
i cry without tears in my eyes
my heart is about to flatline

I want to run but I can only crawl
longing to touch that thread of hope
my flesh is full of sharp thorns
the winter nights have been long

Oh my Lord, my everlasting God
My faith sees you no matter what
I know that you are always around
You keep watching over my life

This is just a day of sorrow
I receive comfort from your words
there will be strength tomorrow
deep within the pain, I rejoice

~ Marianne S.

To the Lighthouse

I understand your sorrow
I have been there before
I will be there over and over
Feeling so low
Wanting to die
To dive in the seas
hoping you’ll find bliss
wondering if you’ll be missed

To lift ones head is courage
A step to destroy rage
An age to never give up
One day you’ll feel high
Just keep looking up
believing the one in the sky
Just lift you hands up
Continue to trust
Just keep moving forward
You’ll then see the light
to my lighthouse
He and I will be there
and embrace you with
your new found love

~M. Salonga