Plead My Cause

Oh hear, I continue to plead my cause
Oh tears, how long will I be in this chaos?
this deep black hole feeds my soul
In the wilderness I’ve been belaboured

How could I bear this crown full of thorns?
I question situations but it is still you I follow
I do shrink back at times but I press on
In the wilderness I’ve been belaboured

I try to keep oneself unstained from this world
In this purification I plead my cause once more
Even when I lose I know all things will unfold
In the wilderness I’ve been belaboured

As the devil keeps bombarding my soul
I grew weary, I know God will plead my cause
to plead my cause once more, once and for all
In the wilderness I have found a saviour

Oh dearest, continue to rise as I fall
lean on the fullness of the glory of the Lord
you will go farther along with compassion
I will be with you in the inferno of firestorm

As I fall, I will rise my kingdom shall be known
Continue to write for this hope is shown
Even when there is no reason to hope
Continue to hope for all things will unfold

~M. Salonga