Little Gestures of Love

I was always afraid to hear the end times
I am not proud of what I have carried out
but knowing i have salvation from Christ
I am going to be alright because He’s love

The good news is He is patient and kind
a knock of comfort in my heart arrived
comfort said “love, you still have a chance”
I am going to be alright because He’s love

I have given a friend a hug right now
I called my mom to hear my voice say “hi”
I gave someone food without being asked
I visited prisoners to preach Christ

I packed extra food to share with someone
I hugged her instead of waving goodbye
I secretly prayed strength for his trials
I gave water to a weary homeless man

At the end of the day it will all clump up
Time is wealth but there’s no need to rush
realise now gestures don’t have to be grand
Little gestures of love is always significant

~ M. Salonga

When we finally walk away

Inhale Exhale, Inhale Exhale
Look at him one last time
begging a glimpse of his face
but my mind stood the ground

letting go and walking away
reminding myself never again
from all the pain I‘ve felt
craving to find my soul again

For chances were given
Convincing myself to stay
trying to fix whats already broken
taken for granted once again

The power of courage took over
has made me stronger than ever
Saving myself from heartbreak
To finally give my heart a break

~M. Salonga